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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Monday, July 28, 2008

Droorn (a voice opera) 'sounded out' click HERE

Droorn (a voice opera)

3linestimes a look’n at the mauves

Blueblu-e-you. can never tell where
you are going to end up in the faces
u have looking into us

sorting facts from
flatulence as corpuses hot hollow swallow, shallowed-storied deep
fingering frets on blue sy-amore fountains
melodies by the boatful in u
inseparate this time.

The sense by direct is less but swim
between the slimmied
glance u
one gesture is a stroke
made out at mid point
of mime, opened to correo-scope

from the dark centre your tongue
lies too still.
a twist away from the kiss
from the pole or lick forward a slip undone…

is ‘The page filled ( ) with wite’
marked as abrupt pro-turbances—fissur’n that …3

Decide’n the smoother convey all-alator…
All others pie up as separate/solid/and sold
(box) the undone to. 2

Why is the page belongin to milk tries-ess-es
Why is the page holding towards miscontribes

u tell the melt, the bone blue heart. Shot tone-undone in the face is at a u.

the vibration of a holler (to sing)

… given girl contralto the vibration of the holler is not 2X it is juss pass’d out stumped like silence is too much the pause, no more, a flaw, the way to play to be the sayn is as the right way, no n no noooo-er’-/- this n there, no moat operates at the throat the right way sing’n thins is to listen not as rrite but to listen-listen for the fight hope that splats the note of extreeeeeemen wake awkward nesses as the frame it doesn’t fit. its all a compressured-error. a still too small’n… uncomput
the incomplace the diss-0-ver-u…

…sigh’n as the tongue of a strong black wo-m-an…
singe’n whorewhere as a

fl-frame, eat’n sighs up.
I have a row of teeth and they ‘ r’ open
are sno-open saw sawn open, the throat’n space of you-yourr
that 2’r sings

…perhaps all is all grrl gone? the toll is not paid (it full’n up her). it doesn’t matter they all stand/say and they are right it doesn’t mutter one iota cota,
the bit piece of lining
the bit piece of lying the sprickt the thesspy
up the drrewn topped gotyersd… too sty, too sty’n out.

4 as all alone oopssi... a leapn fry the cry is aching-blue-2:2 navy
-us hole-d up. Yr too ululat’n

Hollar’n them out.

Struck dumb (The) Always Arrives as crying out hot hot hot.

the sounding out’a

What is the sounding out –a-doin?
in being
a said
co coshly furiatin still bill trill?

its be’n in ousted.
(My beard. Your downy sound-lip…)
Murkin the lurk’n
its it’s twin. it’s a double.
(shadow in the glottis)
(tonsil tonsure)

half way between the outside and the inside of dat body lie’n in a mouth
half way between the cunt and the cunter
a Mouth/er cunt erd
wrestled into the face from the horn-sigh of French barbers

… the ecriture=ria ripe written limps to a lisped, slurrr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.


‘soundings’ both in and out. In then out.

As placements (where) it is that…that thing D object-ed 2
pulled back and forth a lavage a douche stick…
across the tubbing is written... oh my god
joke it, a riddle, slapp’n at my stick, the obscene’n vernacular slip
conscripted towards the darkened opera
jamming sideways into the gums
a tongy of insults towards outlanguaged outgrama’s aidis

Down the throat to the box’nsings of the…
toward’n talk between the conversation between the twinnin of [twoo(2)]

language delay is words from the surface of then languaged things…

the red monster is eat’n out the whale ear squid kapow!
the angle with the lighted tapers open’n up so many spheres with circumscribed dilations
that there is cause for extremes in language for delay

hummp… a borders of art-ic-ulat-ing lie about as wordless phrases
and apprentice telling

>spit it.

“you, amateur of the sentence
only ever verging on sense…”

>say-stick it

“I am only ever going to speak out with my mouth

>flaw’n words
>stubborn sounds”

>stubbonations then

“I saw the saying of very strange things
leaving more than one home evertime-d I speak…”

my mouth has lost its feeling for nub-chunks
numb and cannot find the shape
it mouths with empty
beginnings that fall apart
slowly dragging out anticipations that collapse on top of the rot

having a finger tip size numb patch on my lips as tongue for 2 days now…
(aware) of the acute…
the foreigner the other that must be dealt with removed shifted cut out
attention is brought back and back to
that i+t
repeatedly not so with our tongue’uee we rest with it as it lies fallow screaming no to a refusal

l>anguage substitute-in as a substance
is learn’n not to speak

what are the questions then wrapp’n in…the limits of language the linen of
absent or inarticulate verbalisat’n
your theory of hinting
mine atmosphere

women answering your swear back
as the preference for woman not to answer back

achin grammuuur of scintillating reder canopy of full stops………… .+. .+.
the pause between too many means
was the hundred red crosses
droll eating as the fully full full of cccrrrr-opts
in undoin

a phrase of unriping
two under grammar
if unfurred bunnies were syntax

there would~be more diagrams of the unnamed noun.

Uncalled=d for

yu’r stew stymies a
com/place hold as
cuppered in repetitions joyed at
on the face checked stock
toward’n the hore in hoarfrost

An in the folce of its freezen=ed base stirs
black tited tears of brown bears, blue
sigh’n sy-amores silhouette furred freezes
unbeknown as held up… lovingly a say’n
a cry hard Frozen a blind white knot at tongue

All in-nen timed fondness cries for the loosening
Loosing - having loosened wet-dry skin as as the ‘price of tit-ice’

Again-ing shadows move’n to nesday ripple-i-ace into lice edges
of-all-stringing the
possible to hold with a
barb long held in fire
Fire fire As believing

Unshadow’n immense joy rhyme repeat’n 2
Forge’n aways
in Eluded-ed frame
sore cinder

How? More? Still?

Until it is finished

Until it is finshed/Speaking backwards
You deam me twiners three twithers
Not even the word

Adling in blindside syncope
Coffering seams stressin
Threaded with teared-ss cried hard as lessers

Whep undone’n do
Whep’n un whole
Absenctedis’n cuted-ed OUT–the detached-ed crule pool
A funnels fog milk teeth of the innocent-ed jaw
You’d be w. still’n grrrr-errr 4